RCT Skills for Independence, Gadlys, True Colours Sharing

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On Friday we celebrated the end of a truly wonderful term of dance and improvised interaction with Somability. The True Colours Gadlys group, gracefully performed work in progress under the guidance of Zoe and Linzi. All the friends and family in the audience were openly moved. This led the way to showcase the unique interactions and collaborations that Somability has enabled, as each service user independently used the technology without instruction.

Inclusive Theatre Showback

Monday evening the Sherman Theatre opened its doors to friends and family for our end of term Showback. The Superhero narrative was written and performed by the members of the Inclusive Theatre group, expertly steered by Morgan, Jay and Cheryl. Somability provided the backdrop for the flying scenes, the super hero machine and the finale, as good and evil are united in friendship.
Watch this space for “Stuck in the Mud“, our next inclusive theatre production in August.

Digital Innovation Week Wales

Compelling Somability Dance performance from Rhonnda Cynon Taf Skills for Independence and Artis Community. True improvisation, demonstrating the joy of visceral engagement emerging through actions rather than plans. Kath’s narrative put the experience into context as she described how the project has been transformative for service users, providing the key to new friendship and independence.

“Awareness of our own rhythms, our movement style, our repertoire and range, is crucial.”
Cultural Patterning of Movement and Meaning: Knox, C. 1992, p172.

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